Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Plans are changing

We were supposed to go to the mountains today to camp with my Mom and her husband, but it's rainy, miserable weather, so the camping trip's been cancelled. I'm feeling all conflicted today. I don't mind staying longer with h8s2cln and bbb, but I'm sorry we won't get to hang out with Mom, and I REALLY don't want to leave Alberta without seeing the mountains. The girls will be happy they don't have to miss vbs, though.

Mom wants us to come visit them at her husband's place - the place he's supposed to be selling so that he can move to Manitoba with Mom - but I know we won't easily be able to drag the kids away from here, so I tried to get her to come here instead. Don't think they will though. She sounded so sad on the phone.

Life is complicated sometimes. As much as I want to see Mom, I also want to make my kids happy, and staying here with their cousins is what they want. So I'm torn.

I know this is not much of a blog, but I felt like writing it anyway. The stuff that I won't write much about though, is the stuff that's bubbling beneath the surface - the stuff that gets so complicated when your Mom marries again.


Dale said...

Sorry to hear of your complications, Heather. Life's like that sometimes, eh? Here's some good advice: Go back and read your post from yesterday. Hold tight to the happy memories. They'll help you unravel the complications. :)

Anvilcloud said...

I guess you're a whole lot closer to the mountains, even in The Peg, so it must be a bit different for you, but I'd be loathe to pass up the mountains.

ccap said...

Yup, hear you on the complicated. Sigh.

And just to make you a little jealous: 21 degrees here with sun and moments of pretty white clouds. :-)

Gina said...

I hope things work out for everyone, Heather. Hopefully this will be just a slight glitch in an otherwise great trip.

Linda said...

Oh Heather. What a quandry. I guess this is part of being the "sandwich" generation. I wish there was a formula that we could input into our computers and the correct answer would pop out at us. Hang in there and remember this is your family's vacation and you are supposed to have lots of fun!