Monday, August 29, 2005

New Toys

Lest you should think that all our downsizing (from 2 incomes to one, etc.) and selling off of earthly possessions (van, camper, boat) means that we've completely turned into "simple living altruistic tree-huggers", I have to come clean and admit that we do still like to treat ourselves now and then. When we sold the camper, we paid off some bills and stashed some away, but then we allowed ourselves a little "fun money". It's been awhile since we've made any impulse buys, so this week we acted on impulse.

Marcel bought a bike (not as nice as mine, but still quite nice), I bought a digital camera (not quite an SLR but a step up from point-and-shoot. Yippee!), Nikki is now the proud owner of an MP3 player, and Julie's on the search for a beanie bag chair. Maddie seems fairly content with the "gameboy" she got with her happy meal at MacDonalds - it has buttons to press and it beeps - what more does a three-year-old need? Hey, ya gotta love a three-year-old's simple value system!

Here are a couple of shots with my new toy...

Supper in the backyard with our friends Justin and Nicole - yummy barbecued pizza!

Maddie perched in her favourite spot in the backyard tree.

Nikki and Julie in a rare moment - close enough to touch, but NOT FIGHTING!


ccap said...

Wow, I'm quite impressed with the last shot. I at the very least expected to see them doing ears above each other's heads or SOMETHING. :-) Hard to imagine that one day they'll probably be as close as us, hey?

As for the toys: Good for you. You deserve it after penny pinching for awhile. Just be sure to let me borrow the camera when I "need" to post a shot of our adorable (contrary to my recent dream - he/she IS going to be adorable) Peanut.

Heather said...

Yes, you'll get to borrow the camera occasionally ccap :-)

And, truth be told, the only reason they let me take a picture of them so close together was because they wanted me to show them how to alter photos on the computer - ie. switching heads, etc. So the next time I post that picture, it may come complete with altered heads, horns, beards, etc. Reminiscent of what we used to do to the Sears catalogue!

Linda said...

I can't wait to see the altered picture! It took me a while but I must say that I just love my digital camera. It's so much easier to try different shots because if they don't work out, you can just delete them and try again.

And I'm with ccap. I'm glad you got to spend that money on fun stuff. Enjoy it all!

Dale said...

So, can we expect to see more pictures? Great shots, Heather. I really like little Maddie in the tree. So cute!