Friday, October 23, 2009

Your thoughts on creativity?

I have the great pleasure of facilitating a creativity workshop tomorrow. Oh the joy!

In preparation for this workshop, I went through the material I developed for an eight week creativity course several years ago and... OH MY GOSH! It brought back so many amazing memories! I was inspired all over again, thinking of the incredible discussions we had and the wonderful a-ha moments I had the pleasure of being part of, and reading the lovely, deeply personal thank you notes some of the participants gave me afterwards. I really, REALLY have to do this again. It was truly one of the greatest times of my life. I'm thinking I will try to find the time to do it again after Christmas.

In preparation for this class... what would you say was the greatest advice you ever received that helped foster your creativity? Or perhaps it was something non-verbal - something somebody modeled in their life or some way they supported you?


Sheila said...

OHHHHH! Good for YOU! Hope the workshop is a delight for you and all the participants - start to finish and beyond.

My thoughts on creativity are so basic. I believe we are ALL innately creative - created in the image of our Creator, the verrrrry FIRST, MOST primary thing we know of Him is He creates. I think we, each and every one of us, MUST also in whatever form amazes, excites and thrills us. ANY way we can. Also - the surest way to demonstrate creativity to someone who thinks they don't have any is see how long it takes them to deviate from directions given. :)

mmichele said...

Time. There is no rushing creativity. One needs time to be creative. Creativity is not efficient and it is usually messy. If you want to foster creativity in yourself (and your kids!) your house will get messy sometimes.

Pamela said...

no thoughts. only "wish I was there"


Judy said...

For me, creativity starts flowing when I remember these words, "What if..."

Accidental Poet said...

"Leap, and the net will appear."

Linda said...

For me, creativity comes when I least expect it.