Monday, November 10, 2008

Soccer injury

It's been an eventful week around here. Two visits to hospitals, one surgery, one broken arm, five presentations, one business trip, one head cold (mine)... too much.

I want to go back to uneventful.


KarmynR said...


Well, orange is a good color!

And my Word Verification was bless!!!! - as in Bless her dear heart. I hope she heals quickly!

Liz said...

At least she's been able to get lots of signatures already. I hope she's not in any pain.

Janet said...

AWWWW - I wish we could all sign it, too.

Take care of yourselves!

Judy said...

Wow. You have been busy!

Hope everyone heals quickly!

Pamela said...

Tell her that cast is persimmon.. ha ha.

She's very trendy in it.