Thursday, October 02, 2008

Since I'm on a multimedia kick...

If you're interested in seeing a shortened version of the film I produced about the trip to India and Bangladesh (with stories of several of the people we met there), here's a link. Watch for my favourite tiny clip - just before the end, I'm walking away from the camera hand-in-hand with Kabita Arang, a lovely young schoolteacher on one of the Sundarban Islands. We bonded almost instantly, and though we only spent a few hours together, we both got a little emotional when we parted ways. My last sight of her was when she was standing on the dock waving, with tears streaming down her face, as our boat pulled away.


Stephanie said...

What an insightful video. It's so important to be aware of how hunger affects families and children around the world, and this video clearly communicates that message.

And the story of the woman who lost her 4 y/o daughter in the Cyclone? My heart broke for her.

Linda said...

Excellent video Heather. The CFGB is doing great work.