Friday, June 27, 2008

Holding Zimbabwe in my heart

Today, as my heart aches for the people of Zimbabwe who are left with so little to hope for in an election that is not really an election, I wrote this note to my friend Pugeni...

Pugeni – my prayers are with you and all of the people of Zimbabwe today. I pray that God will see you through this time, and that your hopeful hearts and loving spirits will continue to shine through the shadows. I pray that peace and justice will come to your country in the months to come.

Every time I hear of Zimbabwe in the news, I think of you and your ready smile and teasing wit. I think of the fun we had when you first walked on snow and learned what a Slurpee is. I think of the way you challenged me to continue to seek justice and equality for people who live with hunger. I think of the way you marvelled at my big North American house and how you made me realize just how much I have to give away.

Peace be with you. I hope to see you again some day.


Anvilcloud said...

It's a sad case.

Hope said...

As we come up tp celebrating Canada Day, I've been thinking about these "elections" as well. I too will send prayers that hope can remain strong.
Do you mind if i copy and paste your June post, change a few sports , add agency review, leaving the line about quiting blogging???? I'm too spent to write my own, and the words could have come out of my mouth.
The only reason I remain semi connected is the wonderful people I've connected with, yourself included.
It's not too late to enjoy the summer.

Coll said...

Least we forget how fortunate we are.

Janet said...

Oh YES...peace be with him.

What a wonderful smile! Thanks so much for putting such a personal face on this story. I have friends in South Africa but not in Zimbabwe.