Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Babysitting Abby

The laundry didn’t get folded last night,
but I sat and rocked a little girl to sleep for the first time in about three years

I didn’t get started on the wall that needs painting,
but I watched my oldest daughter change her first poopy diaper and I marveled how quickly she has gone from the “pooper” to the “changer”

I didn’t sweep the floor or wipe the dirty fingerprints off the fridge,
instead I dutifully obeyed every time my 22 month old niece said “Hah-her come” (after all, when someone learns your name, how can you resist letting her wrap you around her finger?)

I didn’t pay the bills or change the sheets,
but I sat and read “Good Night Little Sheep” to an appreciative audience when it was nearly time for bed

I didn’t “accomplish” anything last night, nor did any of my children,
but for a short while we played the roles of doting auntie and cousins and we let our world revolve around a little girl who’s got a firm hold on our hearts.


bbb said...


Lucia said...

How beautiful!

Anvilcloud said...

Another creative post. Well done.

Red Mary Flint said...

Arrr - baby drool is all ye landlubbers. Them chilts only be keepin' ya down. I be stickin' wit me salt water and shipmates.

(nice post, Heather)

Gina said...

Laundry, schmaundry.

ccap said...

Mmm. Lovely.

Pamela said...

when you measure each quest in light of eternity, it is easy to see which are the most important

Vicki said...

a perfect night

Liz said...

I can't believe she's 22 months already. Have I been reading you that long?

By the way, I love her name!! ;-)

Joyce said...

yes, I'm afraid I'd have to confess to changing the sheets, doing the laundry, taskity task.... You've chosen the higher road.

Janet said...

What a lovely post!