Friday, June 29, 2007

Still insane, but at least there's hope

Yes, for those of you who wondered if I survived the birthday party, I am still alive. The birthday party didn't kill me, but the month of June has certainly made every attempt to eat me alive.

At this very moment, there is absolute stillness in my house. I am alone, with NOTHING to do. I think that's a miracle. I haven't had a solitary moment like this for at least a month and a half.

It's just been one of those months - 7000 soccer games, 2000 meetings, 1000 birthday parties, 500 major projects due at work, 10,ooo people demanding my time and energy, and very. little. time. to. catch. my. breath.

But today... today is the very first glorious day of THE END.

I took a desperately needed day off work, and this morning Marcel and I went for a very pleasant bike ride and breakfast out. And then I went to Value Village to buy my summer wardrobe for about 20 bucks. Yes, it's been a good day so far. The girls will be out of school in a few hours, we'll go to the last soccer game of this part of the season (it starts up again in September, but just for Nikki and Julie), and then we'll have a LONG WEEKEND. With nothing to do! Not one of my kids is invited to a birthday party! There will be no soccer games! No meetings! Nothing! That word never sounded so good. I think a day at the beach is in order.

Happy Canada Day my Canuck friends!


tlawwife said...

I absolutely understand. Last night I didn't have anything pressing so we went for a drive. It was so nice to relax some.

Linda said...

Good for you, taking a day off. I remember those days, when it seemed that there was not a moment of peace. Enjoy your weekend!

andrea said...

Happy Canada Day back atcha. I could've written this post with a few minor vocab changes. One more thing tonight then I'm DONE! Of course the mega stress means I've come down with a stupid virus (first in two years) just as it's starting to ease up. Typical.

Enjoy your break.

Anvilcloud said...

"Marcel and I went for a very pleasant bike ride ..."

Skimming along, I thought I read "passionate" instead of "pleasant". Beggars the imagination though.

karla said...

Enjoy your lovely long weekend Heather.
Happy Canada Day. :)

Liz said...

Enjoy your weekend! It sounds perfect!