Thursday, December 14, 2006

Making a list, checking it twice

No, I'm not talking about Santa's list. At this point, that's the least of my worries. I've got way too many other lists to worry about right now - I've got no time to give the ol' man in a red suit any thought.

I'm planning 2 very different trips in the next three weeks, and my brain is moving into operation overload. What needs to be done ahead of time? What needs to be packed? What errands do I still have to run? What do I have to organize for the people I'm responsible for? What am I forgetting to communicate? Okay, there's just no way around it. Time to plug some organization into my normally disorganized brain. Yup, I'm makin' lists.

First it's the Christmas trip to visit family. Let's see... what is there to think of? Gotta bring presents, clothes, sleeping bags, air mattress, stuff to entertain the kids in the car, that little magical machine that Marcel sleeps with that ensures both him AND I get a decent night's sleep (it's called a cpap machine - he's got sleep apnea - if we forget that machine, the whole household won't sleep for a week!), skates, a camera, and about a hundred other things that probably won't fit in the trunk of the car. But first I have to finish the Christmas shopping, make sure the girls have appropriate clothes to wear at their Christmas concert, make sure there's enough clean laundry for everyone to pack in their suitcases, attend a family Christmas party, and... oh I've got a headache already.

Then, a few days after our return, it will be time to pack for Ethiopia. Have I picked up my malaria pills yet? No. What about sunscreen? Nope. Packed gifts for our local hosts? Some. Bought extra memory cards for the camera? Yup - check that off the list. Oh but before I start packing there's a press release to write, more coordination with the travel agent, an orientation with the team, a conference call with the Ethiopian consultant, money to be picked up... somebody give me something for this headache!

Ah, but don't get me wrong - it's all good. I've got so much to look forward to that the stress feels more than manageable. Once I get my lists made and I can start putting checkmarks beside things, I'll feel much better. In the meantime, though, this blog will probably take low priority. Which, at this point, because Blogger is driving me crazy and won't let me (or anyone else) comment in most places, may not be such a bad thing.

For all those people on whose blogs I TRIED to comment, you'll just have to trust me that I'm still thinking of you. (Lucia, I've tried to tell you about three times that I hope you have a great trip!) And to those of you who sent me emails asking for an African postcard/blessing- THANKS! I look forward to the hunt for some interesting postcards.

For those who haven't sent an email yet... there's still time! I'm still in Canada (in relatively close proximity to a computer) until the end of the year.


Linda said...

Happy organizing! Sounds like you've got a couple of great months ahead!

Vicki said...

Sounds like you are a list person too! I will pray for your trip to be productive and your presence to minister to people without words being spoken.

Olivia and I bought a Christmas Ornament from Oklahoma for your Nicole today. I don't think we can get it there by Christmas. Also some postcards from Oklahoma.

Look forward to reports of your trip and Christmas time spent with Family.

Stephanie said...

I tell you what, Blogger will not be receiving a Christmas card from me. They have been very naughty.

And your list sounds crazy! It actually relieves me that all I really have to do this month is have a baby. So thanks for putting my troubles in perspective :)

Liz said...

I think Blogger is trying to punish those of us who haven't switched to the new version by not letting us comment on the new beta blogs.

My husband has sleep apnea too and sleeps with a cpap machine. He didn't realize how bad it was until he finally got a good night sleep with the machine. And it's so darn sexy too...isn't it?? ;-)

Pamela said...

I wouldn't begin to know what to pack.
water? toilet paper? Hand sanitizer?

The very nice man said...

Instead of a card, here is:
Blessings from all the way across the ocean!

Whippersnapper said...

At least you can get on to your computer for more than four minute stretches! M. is totally hogging the computer these days (as I predicted he would be doing). Grrr. Hisss. Luckily, I am a morning person and he... isn't, so I get enough minutes in the early a.m. to catch up on what at least some people are doing in the Blog World.

Enjoy yourself as you go crazy -- it just sounds as if you're just living life to the fullest!

Joyce said...

Yeah- just get out there and LIVE IT! Then come back and tell us all about it.

Those of us at the crazy season who are busy because we have so many people that we love and want to spend time with-- lucky are we.

Cuppa said...

Oh my, makes me tired just reading about everything you have to do in the next couple of week. Your lists should help a lot.

Have a wonderful Christmas dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping I wouldn't have to send you an email. Is that really presumptuous (sp?) of me? ;-)


Gina said...

Heather, do you have my address still or do you need it again? I would love a postcard!

Good luck with everything you have to do. Travel can be so exhilarating, but the prep time to do it- not so much.

Coll said...

My goodness.. you do have a full plate.. maybe a couple of them. :-)